35th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees union, Mailguards and Multi Tasking Staff Group’C’ was held from 7TH to 10th January 2018 New Office Bearers elected for the next session. President Com. I.P.Shaik MTS RMS ‘L’Division ( Maharastara) Vice-President 1 Com. Prem Prakash II MTS Delhi Stg Division ( Delhi) Vice-President 2 Com. V.Babu MG Bangalore Stg Division ( Karnataka) Vice-President 3 Com. Sanjay Dhar Dubey MTS RMS ‘A’ Division Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) General Secretary Com. P. Suresh MG Hyd Sorting Division ( Telangana) Assistant General Secretaries. 1 Com. C.M.Ravindernath MTS RMS ‘CT’ Division ( Kerala) 2 Com. Goutam A More MTS Central Sorting Division (Maharastara) 3 Com. J.Sridhara MTS Bangalore Stg Division ( Karnataka) 4 Com. Manabendra Singh MTS RMS ‘SG’ Division ( West Bengal) 5 Com. K. Muktar Ahmed MTS RMS ‘Z’ Division Hyd (Telangana) 6 Com. R.K.Pagi MTS RMS ‘W’ Division Vadadora ( Gujarat) 7 Com. R.Santhanam MTS Chennai Sorting Division ( Tamilnadu) 8 Com. T.Kannaiah MG RMS ‘TP’ Division Tirupathi ( Andhra Pradesh) 9 Com. G.V.Shinde MTS MMS Mumbai ( Maharastra) Treasurer Com . K.K.Sharma MTS Air Mail Division ( Delhi) Federal Councillors 1 Com.Saddamur Rhaman MG RMS ‘GH’ Division ( Assam) 2 Com. Jai Singh MTS RMS ‘ D’ Division (Haryana) 3 Com. Hemanth Kumar Padhi MTS Rourkela RMS ( Odisha) 4 Com. Anjali Wala MTS Jallandar RMS ( Punjab) 5 Com. Lakshmi Kanth Sharma MTS ` Jaipur RMS ( Rajasthan ) 6 Com. Sumiran Lal Bandar MTS Raipur RMS ( Chattisgarh) 7 Com. Rabindra Prasad MTS Patna RMS ( Bihar 8 Com. Ramashray. Sing MTS RN Division BS Stg ( Jharkhand) 9 Com. Md. Saleem MTS RMS ‘JB’ Stg Jabalpur ( Madhya Pradesh) 10 Com. Mahesh Chand MTS New Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 11 Com. D.S.Kurne MTS Air Mail Stg Division ( Maharastra) 12. Com. A.N.Srinivas MTS Hyderabad Air Sorting ( Telangana) 13. Com. Sudhir Kumar Sharma MTS Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 14. Com. M.Mohan MTS RMS ‘T’ Division Tirchy ( Tamilnadu) 15. Com. G.S.Sastry MG Hyderabad Sorting Division ( Telangana)
R3 & R4 NFPE (RMS & MMS ) EMPLOYEES AGITATIONAL PROGRAMMES 1st Phase: 16-01- 2018 Submission of memorandum to Secretary, Department of Posts and serving copy of memorandum to all Divisional Heads on 16.01.2018 by holding Demonstration. 2nd Phase:05-02- 2018 Dharna/ Demonstration in front of all RMS offices & MMS offices. All employees will wear badges containing demands on 05.02.2018. 3rd Phase:05-03- 2018 Massive Dharna in front of all Regional Offices on 05.03.2018 4th Phase: 10-04- 2018 One day Hunger Fast in front of all CPMG offices on 10.04.2018. 5th Phase: One day Hunger Fast in front of Dak Bhawan. Date will be decided later.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Circular No.6                                                                           Dated - 13-09-2013



               1)    All Office Bearers.
               2)    All General Secretaries C.O.Cs.
               3)    All Affiliated Organisations of Confederation.

Dear Comrades,

               Many State Committees of Confederation (C.O.Cs) have reported that they are facing difficulty in effectively implementing the programmes of Confederation at base level mainly due to one reason, i.e; NON-COMMUNICATION OF THE DECISIONS TO THE LOWER UNITS BY THE RESPECTIVE CHQ OF THE AFFILIATED ORGANISATIONS OF CONFEDERATION.   Many organisations are not giving instructions to their State/District Units to implement the programmes at local level jointly with the local unit of Confederation or independently if confederation Unit is not functioning in their place.  If the Chief Executives of the Affiliated Unions do not issue any instructions/circulars to their lower units directing them to implement the programmes and other organisational decisions of Confederation, the lower units do not implement the programme saying that they have not received any instructions from their All India leadership (CHQ).  Due to this serious lapse or communication gap on the part of the Chief Executives of the affiliates, the Confederation functioning is weakened in many places.  At such places programmes are implemented by one or two organisations.  Others are not playing any role, but keeping away from the programmes mainly due to non-receipt of instructions from their respective CHQ.

               In view of the above, it is earnestly requested that whenever confederation takes a decision at Central level, all the CHQs of affiliated organisations shall issue their own separate instructions or Circulars endorsing the decisions of the Confederation and shall circulate it to all their state and district units WITHOUT FAIL.  Unless this is done, Confederation may not be able to implement its programmes effectively at base level.

               As we are going ahead with the preparation for an indefinite strike, streamlining the functioning of the Confederation and also its affiliated organisations is one of the most immediate and important organisational task that is to be fulfilled in a time-bound manner.

               Once again, requesting the co-operation of all.

                                                                                Sincerely yours,
                                                                                   M. Krishnan,
                                                                              Secretary General.

Please See Circular 4 and 5 also below

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