35th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees union, Mailguards and Multi Tasking Staff Group’C’ was held from 7TH to 10th January 2018 New Office Bearers elected for the next session. President Com. I.P.Shaik MTS RMS ‘L’Division ( Maharastara) Vice-President 1 Com. Prem Prakash II MTS Delhi Stg Division ( Delhi) Vice-President 2 Com. V.Babu MG Bangalore Stg Division ( Karnataka) Vice-President 3 Com. Sanjay Dhar Dubey MTS RMS ‘A’ Division Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) General Secretary Com. P. Suresh MG Hyd Sorting Division ( Telangana) Assistant General Secretaries. 1 Com. C.M.Ravindernath MTS RMS ‘CT’ Division ( Kerala) 2 Com. Goutam A More MTS Central Sorting Division (Maharastara) 3 Com. J.Sridhara MTS Bangalore Stg Division ( Karnataka) 4 Com. Manabendra Singh MTS RMS ‘SG’ Division ( West Bengal) 5 Com. K. Muktar Ahmed MTS RMS ‘Z’ Division Hyd (Telangana) 6 Com. R.K.Pagi MTS RMS ‘W’ Division Vadadora ( Gujarat) 7 Com. R.Santhanam MTS Chennai Sorting Division ( Tamilnadu) 8 Com. T.Kannaiah MG RMS ‘TP’ Division Tirupathi ( Andhra Pradesh) 9 Com. G.V.Shinde MTS MMS Mumbai ( Maharastra) Treasurer Com . K.K.Sharma MTS Air Mail Division ( Delhi) Federal Councillors 1 Com.Saddamur Rhaman MG RMS ‘GH’ Division ( Assam) 2 Com. Jai Singh MTS RMS ‘ D’ Division (Haryana) 3 Com. Hemanth Kumar Padhi MTS Rourkela RMS ( Odisha) 4 Com. Anjali Wala MTS Jallandar RMS ( Punjab) 5 Com. Lakshmi Kanth Sharma MTS ` Jaipur RMS ( Rajasthan ) 6 Com. Sumiran Lal Bandar MTS Raipur RMS ( Chattisgarh) 7 Com. Rabindra Prasad MTS Patna RMS ( Bihar 8 Com. Ramashray. Sing MTS RN Division BS Stg ( Jharkhand) 9 Com. Md. Saleem MTS RMS ‘JB’ Stg Jabalpur ( Madhya Pradesh) 10 Com. Mahesh Chand MTS New Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 11 Com. D.S.Kurne MTS Air Mail Stg Division ( Maharastra) 12. Com. A.N.Srinivas MTS Hyderabad Air Sorting ( Telangana) 13. Com. Sudhir Kumar Sharma MTS Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 14. Com. M.Mohan MTS RMS ‘T’ Division Tirchy ( Tamilnadu) 15. Com. G.S.Sastry MG Hyderabad Sorting Division ( Telangana)
R4 NFPE 36th ALL INDIA CONFERENCE - AIC to be held from 24th to 26th February 2020 at Ambedkar Bhawan Rani Jhansi Road, Near Jhandewalan Metro Station, opp Megdoot Bhawan (CPMG) office, New Delhi -110055.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Postmen/Mailguard & MTS Exam Postponed

Directorate has postponed the Postman / Mail guard Examination and Direct Recruitment Examination for Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) scheduled to be held on 20.05.2012 Indefinitely, since the Recruitment Rules for the posts of Postman/Mail Guard and Multi Tasking Staff are under revision.

CCS(Leave) Rules, 2012.

The CCS (Leave) Rules has been amended by the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) vide Notification F.No.13026/2/2010-Estt.(L)] dated 29.03.2012.
According to the new amendment, the Government Servants cannot be granted any kind of leave for a continuous period more than 5 years.It has been further laid down that any government servant if absent from duty for more than 5 years continuously with or without leave (other than on foreign service), they shall be deemed to have resigned from their post.

Discontinuance of New System of Bag number in Mail system


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Information was given in Lok Sabha 21-03-2012 by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a questions.

The number of users of money order service during the last three years and the current year is as given below:-
Financial year
Number of users
2011-2012 (up to January -2012
The number of complaints received for non-delivery of Money Order during the last three years and the current year is furnished below:-
Financial year
Number of users
2011-2012(up to June -2011
Enquiries are conducted in all cases of complaints and action is taken depending on the nature of the shortcomings/faults.
During the last three years 172 officials were found guilty for which punishment has been imposed as per rules.
To upgrade the money order delivery system and to ensure timely delivery of money order, the department has introduced Electronic Money Order across the country.
This information was given in Lok Sabha to day by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a question.

No Railway Mail Service in (RMS) office has been closed in the country. However, merger or physical relocation of some offices with other RMS offices has been carried out as part of operational needs. Detail of merged/ physically relocated offices are given in the following table.
Details of RMS Offices Merged/ Physically Relocated
S. No.
Name of RMS Office
Merged or Physically relocated
Merged/ Physically relocated with (Name of office)
TD Sorting, Bangalore
Bangalore City RMS
CRC Museum Road, Bangalore
Registration Centre, Bangalore City RMS
Hyderabad Air Sorting, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Sorting
Andhra Pradesh
GDK Sorting, Delhi
Automated Mail Sorting Centre, Delhi
Delhi RMS (Unregistered)
Automated Mail Sorting Centre, Delhi
Delhi International Mail Centre
Physically relocated
Foreign Post, Delhi
The employees working in the RMS offices which have been merged/ physically relocated are working at the new location in the same city. This information was given in Lok Sabha today by Shri Sachin Pilot,Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a question.
There is no proposal for expansion of Postal Circles. However, modernization of Post Offices in all Postal Circles is underway.
The Government has initiated a project called “Project Arrow” for modernization of Postal Circles across the country. The project envisages upgradation of post offices in urban and rural areas both in terms of upgrading and enhancing the quality of service in ‘core areas’ and improving their ‘look and feel’. The project aims at creating a conducive and friendly work environment both for the staff and the customers visiting the Post Offices, providing connectivity, and improving the service quality levels in the core business areas.
The Government has also approved a proposal for IT modernization of all Post Offices of Department of Posts.
During 2011-12, for computerization of Post Offices, an amount of Rs.90.39 crores approximately was spent. For Project Arrow, during 2012-13, an outlay of Rs.84.00 crores has been earmarked to cover 500 post offices throughout the country.

The Government has approved the Modernization Project for a total plan out lay of Rs.1877.2 crores. The Modernization Project of the Department of Posts includes computerization of all the non-computerised Post Offices in the country including supply of Rural ICT Hardware devices and peripherals in the Branch Post Offices in the Rural Areas, development of scalable, integrated and modular software covering all the operations of Department of Posts and establishment of required IT infrastructure. The implementation of this Project has been proposed through eight RFPs. The functional RFPs are at various stages of finalization. The rollout of the Project is expected to be completed by 2014. Thereafter, Circle-wise allocation will be made
As regards Telecom Circles, the information is being collected and will be presented immediately on being made available by Department of Telecommunications.

This information was given in Lok Sabha today by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a question.
The Government has formulated comprehensive working plan for the development, expansion and modernization of postal services. Under this, major activities , as laid out in XII Five Year Plan, include opening of branch Post Offices, setting up of Automatic Mail Processing Centers, development and deployment of Rural ICT solution, deployment of Core Banking, increasing insurance cover, establishment of Parcel and Logistics Post Hubs, up gradation of Speed Post Centers, Human Resource Training to Personnel, construction of Post offices/administrative offices, installation of Solar Power Packs and setting up of Postal Training Centers.
The proposed financial allocation for the XII Five Year Plan, in this regard is Rs. 12,000 crore. As for setting up of Speed Post Centres, the erstwhile Centres have been reconstructed in the form of Speed Post Sorting Hubs for operational purposes. Sorting hubs have been set up taking into account the following factors:-
(i) Speed Post Mail handled by a city/town
(ii) Connectivity of city/town in terms of air, rail and road.
(iii) Distance of a city proposed for sorting hub from post offices and other hubs; and
(iv) Mail generations potential of the city/town under consideration.
No new Speed Post Sorting Hubs are proposed for opening in the next two years. The total number of complaints received for speed post articles in 2011 are 1,48,381 out of which 67,420 were for late delivery and 80,961 for non-delivery. A mechanism has been set up in the Department of Posts for prompt disposal of complaints through Customer Care Centre in all Postal Divisions. Instructions are issued to Divisions for cent-percent handling and settlement of web-based complaints. While specific instances are resolved individually, system defects that come to notice are rectified to avoid recurrence of such instances.
This information was given in Lok Sabha today by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State, Communication and Information Technology in response to a question. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Federal Executive meeting of NFPE was held at NFPE Office 1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi on 21.03.2012. The meeting was presided by Com. D.K. Rahate, President NFPE. Meeting commenced with paying homage to the martyrs and Comrades particularly Com. M.K. Pandhe, Ex. President & General Secretary C.I.T.U. and A.K. Tiwari Ex. Circle Secretary AIPEDEU, Jharkhand Circle, who lost their lives during this period.
The Federal Executive meeting was inaugurated by Com. C.C. Pillai Ex. Secretary General NFPE who elaborately pointed out the working class problems being imposed by the Govt. in the form of globalization policies. Com. K. Ragavendran Ex. Secretary General NFPE and Com. Des Raj Sharma Ex. Dy. Secretary General NFPE also graced the occasion by their valuable speech.

A Draft Report was presented by Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE on the activities during the period. He elaborately discussed all the issues related to the Postal and RMS employees and described in detail the discussions and settlement of items of Charter of Demands. He also informed that NFPE has been granted recognition by the Govt. of India and Now NFPE nominees will play their role in standing Committee and National Council JCM and will be enable to settle the issues at Govt. of India level.
The General Secretaries of affiliated unions i.e. Coms. K.V. Sridharan (P-III), Giri Raj Singh(R-3), S.K. Humayun (Dep. G/S P-IV), P. Suresh (R-4) Pranab Bhattacharjee (Admn. Union) T. Satyanarayana (Postal accounts), S. Appan Raj (SBCO) and Y. Nagabhushanam Working President Casual Labourers Union expressed their views on report and item related to their section.
All Office Bearers present in the meeting Coms. K.K. Sharma (Vice President, NFPE), I.S. Dabas(Dy. S/G, NFPE) , R.N. Parashar, S. Raghupathy and Ms. Seetha Laxmi (All ASG) and Raj Kumar Financial Secretary participated in deliberation.
President Com. D.K. Rahate conducted the house very effectively and concluded the meeting by offering vote of thanks to all.
CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS -Undue delay in settlement of agreed items on the Charter of Demands

Secretary Generals NFPE & FNPO along with General Secretaries met Secretary, Department of Posts, today (22.03.2012) and discussed the following issues.

(a) Issues arising out of implementation of L1, L2 concept in RMS

(b) Delay in implementing the written assurances given by Secretary (Posts) with particular reference to Casual labourers issue and GDS issues.

Two letters were submitted to the Secretary (Posts) on the above issues which are published in this website. Secretary (Posts) assured as follows:

(a) A meeting with Member (Operations) will be arranged shortly to discuss the staff side suggestions on L1, L2.

(b) Secretary (Posts) will personally intervene to ensure that follow up action on the assurances given by Secretary (Posts) is taken by the concerned officers.

(c) Regarding casual labourer’s case final decision on the committee report will be taken without any further delay.

The staff side made it clear that if no result oriented action is taken within one month, the JCA leaders shall sit on hunger fast in front of Dak Bhawan.

Interest Rates On GPF - 8.6% (eight point six percent) with effect from 1.12.2011


Advances to Government Servants - Rate of interest for purchase of conveyances during 2011-2012.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Pranab budget 2012-13 impacts on salaried people

Pranab Mukherji tabled budget in Lok Sabha today which impacts on salaried people is given below.

1.Raises exemption limit to Rs 2 lakhs from Rs 1.8 lakhs.
2.Income Tax at 10% for Rs 2-5 lakh.
3.Income Tax at 20% for Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.
4.Income Tax at 30% for income of over Rs 10 lakh.

5.Health insurance deduction upto Rs 5000 for preventive health checkup.

6.Interest income from banks tax-free upto Rs 10,000.

7.Direct cash subsidy for LPG.

8.To implement DTC at the earliest.

9.GST to be operational by August 2012.

10.Income Tax deduction of 50 per cent on investments of up to Rs 50,000 in savings scheme named after Rajiv Gandhi.

11.Addressing malnutrition, black money and corruption in public life among five priorities in the year.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Government in public interest may retire any Government Servant.

 Minister of state for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions V Narayanasamy speaks in the Lok Sabha.
Government in public interest may retire any Government Servant

New Delhi, Mar15,2012 (PIB): The Central Government employees are concerned, Government in public interest mayretire any Government Servant after he has attained the age of 50/55 years or after completion of 30 years service by giving him notice of not less than three months in writing or three months pay and allowances in lieu of such notice.

This was stated by the Minister of State for Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Shri V. Narayanasamy in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

Central Government contemplates to introduce new Health Insurance Scheme...
Central Government contemplates to introduce new Health Insurance Scheme for the serving employees and pensioners in non CGHS areas...

The Central Government has once again declared, the New Health Insurance Scheme for Central Government employees and Pensioners is on consideration to extend on non CGHS cities. 

Now, the serving Central Government employees in non CGHS places are provided medical facilities under CS(MA) Rules, 1944. Pensioners are not covered under these Rules. They are getting very little amount of Rs.300 per month as Fixed Medical Allowance in lieu of medical facility. Whereas the pensioners residing in non CGHS areas have the option to become a CGHS member in any CGHS covered city of thier choice to avail the medical facilities under the scheme. 

Central Government ready to implement Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS) to its employees...
The Central Government has finally decided to implement the Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS) recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission for all Central government employees. 

Minister of State for Personnel V.Narayanasamy told in Rajya Sabha with a written reply, the recommendation has been accepted by the Government, Guidelines are being worked out through inter-departmental consultation. 

Central Government reduces Employees Provident Fund interest rates to 8.25%...

The Central Government has declared to reduce the rate of interest on deposits in the Employees Provident Fund to 8.25 per cent for 2011-12. This is the first time to reduce the single largest rate cut in over a decade.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

President of India's Message on the Occasion of International Women's Day

Prime Minister's Office
President of India's Message on the Occasion of International Women's Day

The President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil in her message on the occasion of International Women's Day, which is being observed tomorrow has said: -
"Every year, International Women’s Day is being celebrated on 8th March, to dedicate ourselves to strive for a world based on gender equality and justice. It is a day to celebrate the spirit of ordinary women, who have played extraordinary roles in shaping their families, communities, society and countries. At the same time, it is a day to reflect on the progress made in achieving the goal of all-round development of women, and of implementing a pro-active agenda of change.

Women can play an important role in focusing on issues related to gender inequality, ways to eliminate poverty and on social practices that are disadvantageous to the development and empowerment of women and the girl child. Women’s empowerment is an important field where more work, needs to be done

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I extend my greetings and felicitations to all my sisters in their continuing role and their relentless effort in shaping the destiny of our country."

Local purchase of stationery and other articles from Kendriya Bhandar, NCCF and other Multi-State Cooperative Societies having majority shareholding by the Central Government.