37th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees union, Mailguards and Multi Tasking Staff Group’C’ was held from 25th to 27th May 2022 The following office –bearers were elected unanimously for the next session. President Com.. S.N.Jadhav MTS Mumbai Air Mail Sorting Division- ( Maharastra) Vice-President 1 Com.. B.Paranthaman MTS Chennai Sorting Division ( Tamilnadu) Vice-President 2 Com. R.N.Mahanty MG RMS BG Division Bharampur (Odisha) Vice-President 3 Com. B.J.Chouan MTS RMS W Vadadora (Gujarat) General Secretary Com.. K.Mukatar Ahmed MG RMS Z Division (Telangana) Assistant General 1 Com. Naveen Kumar MTS Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) Secretaries. 2 Com. R.S.Suresh Kumar MG RMS TV Division Trivandrum (Kerala) 3 Com Saket Behari Gupta MG RMS O Division Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 4 Com. Laxminaryana MTS Benguluru Sorting Division (Karnataka) 5 Com. T.Kannaiah MG RMS TP Division Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh) 6 Com. Elumalai MTS Chennai APSO Division (Tamilnadu) 7 Com. Vittal Abinave MTS RMS B Division Pune ( Maharastra) 8 Com. Tarun Kumar Panja MTS RMS WB Division Howrah ( West Bengal) 9 Com. Abdul Khadeer SS MMS Hyderabad Division ( Telangana) Treasurer Com. Ramesh Chand MTS Airmail Sorting Division (Delhi) Federal Councillors 1 Com. Raju Chakraborty (Assam) 11. Com. G.N.Anantha Ramu ( Karnataka) 2 Com. LelaDhar Pandey (Chattisgarh 12. Com A.K.Singh (Delhi) 3 Com Ragavendra Paswan (Bihar) 13. Com P.Sathaiah (Telangana) 4 Com. Ravi Kumar (Punjab) 14. Com P.P..Radha Krishna (Kerala) 5 Com. Rohit Saini (Haryana) 15 .Com R.K.Mahanti (Maharastra) 6 Com. Ashik Ansari (Jharkhand) 7 Com Ravi Kumar (Tamilnadu) 8 Com.Rahut Chougad (Madhya Pradesh) 9 Com. Rahul Sharma (Rajasthan) 10 Com. G,S,Sastry (Telangana)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revision of Ceiling Rates for various Coronary Stents / Angioplasty & Angioplasty with Balloon for CGHS/CS (MA) beneficiaries



Dear Comrade,
            We place hereunder the draft reply to the questionnaire issued by the 7th CPC.  We want you to go through the same and make suggestions to enrich it further.  We propose to place the same at the staff side meeting of the National Council on 6th May, 2014.  The final version as formulated by the Staff Side will also be published on7th May. 2014.  We have to arrive at a consensus taking into account all shades of opinions.
            The replies are drafted to make it as brief as possible.  It covers only common issues. The staff side National Council will be submitting a detailed memorandum later as and when it is called for by the 7th CPC.  The said memorandum will be drafted taking into account the views of all organizations including pensioners organisations. Department specific issues are to be covered by the memorandum submitted by the respective departmental organizations.  Since there will be very short time available for submission of memorandum, in view of the overall time frame of 18 months  all affiliates are requested to finalize their approach and prepare the memorandum and keep it ready for submission without loss of time.
            It will be our endeavor that on common issues, complete unanimity of opinion emerges amongst all Federations of Central Govt. employees.

Suggestions may be sent by e-mail to confederationhq@gmail.com

With greetings,
Yours fraternally

S. K. Vyas                                               K. K. N. Kutty                                   M. Krishnan
Advisor                                                   President                                          Secretary General
Mob: 09868244035                             Mob: 09811048303                           Mob: 09447068125

Friday, April 25, 2014

Reply to 7th CPC Questionnaire is being prepared by Confederation CHQ

 Reply to be submitted to 7CPC on Questionnaire is being prepared by Confederation CHQ under the able and experienced guidance and leadership of Com.S.K.Vyasji (Advisor, Confederation) and Com.KKN.Kutty ( National President, Confereration). Suggestions if any, by the C-O-C s and Affiliated Organisations may be sent by e-mail to Confederation CHQ (e-mail-IDconfederationhq@gmail.com or mkrishnan6854@gmail.com ). Karnataka C-O-C has already sent its valuable comments and feedback to the CHQ.
Final Draft of the reply to the Questionnaire will be exhibited in the Confederation website.
It will be better if all the affiliates of Confederation submit the reply on the same line

Revised DA from 1st January 2014 for employees in 5th CPC pay scales


Review of Rules 32, 33 and 56 to 82 of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 1972-suggestions regarding


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reiteration of provisions of CCS Pension Rules 1972 in cases of irregularly withholding Gratuity / Pensionary benifites on account of Disc proceedings etc


Digitization of Service Books of employees at Head Post Offices- Nomination of Single Point of Contacts (SPOCs) thereof

The Competent Authority has decided to nominate Accountant of each Head Post Office as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for digitization activity under the Core System Integrator (CSI) in his Post Office. He will help the digitization team in reading and understanding the Service Book entries and identifying the documents that are scanned. After the quality check by the digitization team, he will verify the entries entered in the system with the respective Service Books and also ascertain whether the relevant documents have been scanned properly. Subsequently, He will submit a report in this regard to the Divisional Head/Unit Head providing list of employees, whose Service Books have been digitized and the relevant documents have been scanned; and also the list of missing documents employee-wise.                It has also been decided that as the work is HPO specific, the concerned Divisional Head/Unit Head will nominate Sr. PM/PM or ASP/IP of the Division/Unit in case of non-availability of regular HSG-I/HSG-ll Postmaster for each HPO for checking, countersigning and releasing the list of employees, whose Service Books have been digitized and list of missing documents employee-wise to the TCS Digitization Team. Source : Personnel Division Letter No.25-4/2013-SPG dated 7th April, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Com. R N Dhal, Circle Secretary, R-III, Odisha Circle retired from Govt. Service on 31.03.2014(A/N)

End of a Struggling Era
A blank space created in the Odisha Postal Trade Union Movement
Emotional farewell meeting participated by all NFPE leaders
                                                                                      Com. RabindranathDhal, Circle Secretary, All India RMS & MMS Employees Union, Group-C, Odisha Circle branch, Leader, RJCM ( Staff Side ), Odisha Circle, Asst. Secretary General, NFPE, CHQ, General Secretary, Odisha State Coordination Committee, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and above all a legendary leader of Odisha Postal Trade Union Movement  loved and respected by one and all is retiring from Govt. service on attaining the age of superannuation on 31.03.2014. Born on 2nd March, 1954, Com. Dhal joined in the Department of Posts on 3rd November, 1973  in sorter cadre ( now called Sorting Assistant. ) in Rourkela RMS under RMS K Division, Jharsuguda. After his transfer to RMS N Division Cuttack under Rule-38 of Postal Manual, Vol. IV, he came in contact with Com. Banshidhar Mohanty, the then Circle Secretary,  R – III and Com. Joginath Jena, Divisional Secretary, R – IV and started his Trade Union career. He was elected the Branch Secretary, R – IV in 1983 and the Branch Secretary – R – III during 1986-87.He was elected Asst. Circle Secretary R-III and R – IV in 1985.Consequent upon retirement of Com. Banshidhar Mohanty on 31.10.1988, Com. Dhal shouldered the responsibility of the Circle Secretary, R –III and continued as an uncontested leader till his retirement. He became the Asst. general Secretary of R-III, CHQ in 2005 in Chennai AIC and  became the Leader , RJCM ( Staff Side ) in 2008. He has been nominated to Odisha Circle Staff Welfare Board for 3 terms. He shouldered the responsibility the Odisha State CoC of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers in 2004 and that of the NFPE in 2008 as Asst. General Secretary. He worked efficiently as the General Secretary of Confederation’s Odisha State CoC since 2011. Under his able leadership, not only NFPE and Confederation were / are  functioning in a well organized manner , but due to his hard work, devotion  and sincerity, the AIPEU GDS ( NFPE ) could be formed in Odisha Circle since 2012 and All India Postal & RMS Pensioners’ Association, Odisha Circle Branch on 28th December, 2013. He is also the Joint-Convener of Odisha Shramik Karmachari Ekta Manch and Cuttack City CoC. He has remained always a friend not only to the Group-C/Group-D/MTS/GDS but even to the Part-time Casual / Contingent Paid/Daily-wage workers. His contribution to the Postal and RMS workers of Odisha Circle during 199 Super Cyclone in arranging Bank Loan to the destitute will be remembered for ever. In the same spirit he also continued fighting for sanction of pay advance in favour of the Phailin  affected GDS of Odisha Circle. He does not believe in any class prevailing in the society except the working class and has  always opted for plain living and high thinking. He has neglected his family but never neglected the union and its members/workers.

ALL INDIA RMS & MMS EMPLOYEES UNION MGs & MTS CHQ conveys best wishes & heartfelt greetings to Com. R.N.Dhal and wish his retirement life will be healthier & peaceful. Further requested hopefully to continue his services for the organizations and exploited class in Odisha. Red salute to Com.R.N.Dhal..and Thanks to Com. Dhal .He has Donated Rs/- 5000/- towards CHQ Fund.

The 33rd Joint Circle Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union, Group-C, Mail Guard & MTS Gr.-C, Odisha Circle branch was held on 30.03.2014  and 31-03-2014 at Kalavikash Kendra, Cuttack. The Conference was inaugurated by Com. Janardan Pati, Vice-President, CITU, Odisha and addressed by Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R - III, CHQ and Com. P Suresh, General Secretary, R-IV, CHQ  Com. S.K.Bardhan President CHQ R3. Com.Sanjay Chakrabarthy Circle President R4, West Bengal Circle, as Hon’ble Speakers. Among others all the Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions in Odisha Circle also attended the Conference as speakers.  There was a huge gathering and heavy participation of members and leaders of all NFPE affiliates of Odisha Circle including R-III Circle Secretaries of West Bengal ,Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.  While Addressing the conference Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, N F P E, briefed the role and contribution of NFPE as well as the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers in the P & T Trade Union Movement. Narrating the postal trade union movements initiated by Babu Tarapada Mukerjee till date he stressed upon the  uncompromising struggles and sacrifices by the pioneers which have given the Central Govt. employees fixed duty hours, leave, bonus etc. As experienced by the leaders, the demands of the Central Govt. employees have been achieved only during that period when the voice of such a working class is supported by the leaders from the Left front. UPA-I Govt. could not pass the PFRDA bill only due to the objections raised by the Left Parties who were supporting at that time. But UPA-II Govt. could be able to pass the bill with the help of NDA . Both the policies of the NDA and UPA Govt. were/are anti-people and anti-working class. When there is the General Election ahead, it is the duty of every Indian citizen to exercise his valuable mandate to elect a Govt. which will work for the welfare of the working class. The draft biennial report of R-III was placed by Com. R N Dhal, Circle Secretary and the same of R-IV was placed by Com. H K Mohanty, Circle Secretary-R-IV. All the invitees on the dais were felicitated in the Conference including Com. R N Dhal whose retirement is on 31.03.2014.The women Convention was held in the afternoon session. CLICK BELOW FOR NEW OFFICE BEARERS LISTS

Declaration of Holiday on 14th April 2014 - Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar . D.O.P. ORDER


3 Months' extension of validity of empanelment of All Health Care Organizations empanelled under CGHS


DA order issued by Directorate