36th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees union, Mailguards and Multi Tasking Staff Group’C’ was held from 24th to 27th February 2020 The following office –bearers were elected unanimously for the next session. President Com. I.P.Shaik MTS RMS ‘L’Division ( Maharastara) Vice-President 1 Com. Prem Prakash II MTS Delhi Stg Division ( Delhi) Vice-President 2 Com. Sanjay Dhar Dubey MTS RMS ‘A’ Division Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) Vice-President 3 Com. R.K.Pagi MTS RMS ‘W’ Division Vadodara (Gujarat) General Secretary Com. P. Suresh HMG Hyd Sorting Division ( Telangana) Assistant General Secretaries 1 Com. C.M.Ravindernath MTS RMS ‘CT’ Division ( Kerala) . 2 Com. K. Muktar Ahmed MG RMS ‘Z’ Division Hyd (Telangana) 3 Com. B.Paranthaman MTS Chennai Sorting Division ( Tamilnadu) 4 Com. S.Lakshmi Naryana MTS ‘Banglore Stg’ Division ( Karnataka) 5 Com. A.K.Srivatsav MTS RMS ‘MP’ Division Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) 6 Com. R.M.Bhivsane MTS RMS Cent Division Mumbai ( Maharastra) 7 Com. Vacant (West Bengal) 8 Com. T.Kannaiah MG RMS ‘TP’ Division Tirupathi ( Andhra Pradesh) 9 Com. Rajender Singh SS MMS Delhi ( Delhi) Treasurer Com. K.K.Sharma MTS Air Mail Division ( Delhi) Mahila Committee. Chairman Com. M.N.Pharte MTS RMS ‘B’ Division Pune (Maharastra) Convener Com. B.C.Chandra Kala MG RMS ‘Q’ Division Mysore (Karnataka) Members 1. Com. Anjali Wala MTS Jallandar RMS ( Punjab) 2. Com. Parmela Bashpur MTS RMS ‘GH’ Division ( Assam) 3. Com. R.P.Kale MTS RMS ‘B’ Division Pune (Maharastra) 4. Com. Basanthi Chakraborty MTS RMS’H’ Division Sealdha (West Bengal) 5. Com. N.V.Kamble MTS RMS ‘B’ Division Pune (Maharastra) 6. Com. Jayanthi MTS RMS ‘Chennai Stg’ Division (Tamilnadu) Federal Councillors 1 Com. Mukta Das MTS RMS ‘GH’ Division ( Assam) 2 Com. Jai Singh MTS RMS ‘ D’ Division (Haryana) 3 Com. Bidyadhar Nayak MTS RMS’N’ Division ( Odisha) 4 Com. Subhash Chander MTS Ludiana RMS ( Punjab) 5 Com. Rajender Kumar MTS `Jaipur RMS ( Rajasthan ) 6 Com. Sumiran Lal Bandar MTS Raipur RMS ( Chattisgarh) 7 Com. Rabindra Prasad MTS Patna RMS ( Bihar ) 8 Com. Ramashray. Sing MTS RN Division BS Stg ( Jharkhand) 9 Com. Jithender Tokas MTS Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 10 Com. Raj Kumar MTS New Delhi Sorting Division ( Delhi) 11 Com. S.S.Nagine MTS RMS ‘B’ Division ( Maharastra) 12. Com. A.N.Srinivas MTS Hyderabad AirSorting ( Telangana) 13. Com. G.A.Anantha Ramu MTS RMS ‘BG Stg’ Division ( Karnataka) 14. Com. T.P.Ramesh MTS RMS ‘T’ Division Tirchy ( Tamilnadu) 15. Com. G.S.Sastry MG Hyderabad Sorting ( Telangana) 16. Com. Parmanand II MTS Air Mail Sorting Division ( Delhi) 17. Com. R.S.Suresh Kumar MG RMS ‘TV’ Division TVM ( Kerala) 18. Com. R.M.Sakhre MTS RMS ‘F’ Division ( Maharastra) 19. Com. P.Durga Rao MTS RMS ‘Y’ Division Vijayawada ( AndhraPradesh) 20. Com. D.K.Jha MTS RMS ‘NB’ Division ( Bihar

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

9th FEDERAL COUNCIL - NFPE From 9th to 12th June 2013 - Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh

9th FEDERAL COUNCIL - NFPE From 9th to 12th June 2013 - Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh   (09-06-2013)  Flag Hoistation - Women Convention - Rally - Open session  On the eve of 9th Federal Council of National Federation of Postal Employees, AP Postal Women Employees Convention has been held in Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Hyderabad. Com. T.Sakuntala, Convener, Women Subcommittee, NFPE presided the convention.  Ms.Sandhya Rani ,IPoS, Post Master General (BD & Technology) invited as Chief Guest  & Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE invited as Guest of Honour to the Women Employees Convention.  Com. Pushpeswari Devi, Member, All India Women sub committee, NFPE Com.K.Swaruparani, General Secretary, AIDWA Com.K.Dhanalakshmi, State Convener, Working Women Com.C.P.Sobhana, Convener, CCGEW Mahila Committee Com. M.N.Nalini, (R-III) were addressed in the convention

Rally from Indira Park to Sundarayya Vignana Kendram - a big procession with the participation of more than 1000 employees started from India Park along with the Leaders, Federal Councillors, Visitors at 3.30pm and reached Sundarayya Vignana Kendram at 5.00pm.

Open Session inagurated by Com.B.V.Raghavulu, CPIM Polit Bureau Member
Other prominent leaders Viz.,Com.P.J.Chandra Sekhar Rao, MLC & President AITUC Com.R.Sudha Bhaskar, General Secretary, CITU, , Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Com.P.Venkatramaiah, General Secretary, BEFI, Com.I.Venkateswararao, UTF, V.Nageshwar Rao General Secretary COC AP,Com.M.N.Reddy, General Secretary, Pensioner's Association and others attended and addressed in the open session.

INAGURAL SESSION :  Before commencing the session, a resolution moved by Com. R.N.Parashar, ASG, NFPE on the homage to departed leaders and the house observed silence for few minutes respectfully.  Com.T.Satyanarayana, General Secretary, AIPAEA welcomed all the leaders to the dais with an introductory speech.  Com.Sukomal Sen, Sr. Vice President, AISGEF, Com.S.K.Vyas, former Secretary General, CCGEW., Com.R.L.Bhattacharya, former Dy. Secretary General, NFPE.,Com. C.C.Pillai, former Secretary General, NFPE., Com. Desraj Sharma, former Dy. Secretary General, NFPE., Com.K. Raghavendran, former Secretary General, NFPE., Com.K.V.Sridharan, former General Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C., Com.D.K.Rahate, President, NFPE (Retd), Com.B.G.Thamhankar, former President, NFPE., Com.T.Narasimhan, AITUC Leader,  Com.M.Kanniyan, R-III Leader are welcomed to the session.  The 9th Federal Council has been inagurated by Com.Sukomal Sen,  Sr. Vice President, AISGEF. The meeting presided by Com.K.K.Sharma, Vice President, NFPE.
Delegate session presided by S.P.Mukerjee Vice-president.
The following were elected unanimously as office bearers of the federation.
PRESIDENT                                Com.  Giriraj Singh   R3  Delhi

WORKING PRESIDENT           Com. Manoharan     P3   Tamilnadu

VICE - PRESIDENT                   1    Com.  Pranab Bhattcharya  Admin West Bengal
                                                2    Com.  T.Sathyanaryana  PO Acco  Andhra Pradesh
                                                3    Com.  K.K.Sharma  R4   Delhi
GENERAL                                 Com.  M.Krishnan   P3    Kerala

DEPUTY S.G                            Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas   P4  Delhi

Asst SG                                  1    Com. R.N. Prashar       P3   Uttar Pradesh
                                                2    Com  S.Ragupathy       P3    Tamilnadu
                                                3    Com  R.Seethalakshmi      P4    Karnataka
SECRETARY                           Com. Raj Kumar        P4    Delhi

Reception Committee: Chairman Com K.Nageshwar MLC ,Com. K.Ramchandram  General Secretary and their  team made nice arrangements for lodging and boarding of the participants of the Federal Councillors, Leaders, and Guests.

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